Friday, April 16, 2010

Gypsy.. .Our little girl is growing up

More Fabulous News...!! This past weekend (May 30/31) in California at the Hangtown Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of the California Sierra, Gypsy took 2 more Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners. She now has 5 AKC points, missing Majors by just one dog..!!! Picture will be coming soon. Tray says her movement is phenomenal....!!!

News update.......!! Gypsy takes Winners Bitch at the Sacramento Shows last weekend (April 18/10) for her first points. We are so proud of this lovely young lady.

It’s time to introduce the newest member of our family.
Gypsy - Paray’s Mandarin Kiss who is now 8 months old and, beautiful. She is in California with her breeder Tray Pittman of Paray Shelties, and will be hitting the show ring soon. We can’t thank Tray enough for letting us have this wonderful little girl. We'll keep you updated with new photos as we get them.

Our lovely Gypsy was born August 4, 2009
Westar Paray's Premonition x Ch. Paray's Cambridge.

She came to us at 9 weeks of age with a fabulous outgoing personality
and, willingness to please. She was so good while we took pictures
for her AKC registration.

My girlfriend Lori's mom fell completely in love with Gypsy and,
we had to watch the wee one because she was so quick and fiesty,
she would get under everyone's feet. Not very good when you are elderly.
She just never stopped.

In Florida Gypsy totally adopted Lucy, BPIS Ch. Fairfax Lucinda
as her new mom. She slept with her all the time. It was so sweet too see.
Wonderful experience for Lucy, as she is soon to be a new mom herself.
(due mid June - Sire: BPIS Ch. Avonlea Just One Look)

Here's Gypsy at 3 1/2 months.

Beautiful by the lake in Florida.

She is 4 months here, just before she left for California
and the next adventure in her young life.

Tray took these pictures of Gypsy at 8 months of age. She really is
maturing beautifully and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the show ring.

Tray Pittman, Gypsy's breeder with BIS BISS Ch. Cirque Du Soleil
is shown winning the Northern California Specialty.
Cirque is Gypsy's aunt who is the # 1 Sheltie in 2010, and
we are hoping that Gypsy will follow in her footsteps.

Friday, April 9, 2010

We're 8 weeks old now ..!! Flynn and Dawne Babies

Whatcha doing big boy........!!





We looooove Agility........

Am I suppose to go through here, or there....???

What.....? I did it didn't I...?

Whooohooo last one through is it....

Where did everyone go...???

It's..... it's..... it's awful big in here......

Come on guys......catch me if you can...!!!!

We're Here...!!!!!! DOB April 8, 2010
BPIS Ch. Dalgarnoch Centre Stage x Dalgarnoch Delta Dawne

Dawne's wee girl having her first bottle. This is the best one I have ever used. It is made by Mead Johnson with a pre born nipple. Fits right into the mouth perfectly. She loves it.

Having her close to her brothers and sisters, and mom worked really well. No separation stress at all.

Once she got the hang of it, it was so easy...

Here we are just 12 hours old. Our mommy had us 5 days early and our people mom had to sleep in her chair for 3 days and night. Last year mommy had our cousins 6 days early. Pretty smart, doesn't wait to go through that boring last week.

Don't we look much nicer. We are 24 hrs. old.. almost.... 23 hrs.
Human mommy just loves our heads and underjaws...whatever that is... :)

Awe mommy is just so proud of us. She's never far away, even to take pictures.

Dawne our beautiful mom... looking kind of tired, but still sweet

And... our Macho Dad... Flynn the Man... I hear he makes babies to order... from 2 litters of 8 puppies, he sired 6 females with 4 of them bi's.. pretty cool huh.... "That's My Dad"..!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Beth Redfern Pucci and Amber.
Ch. Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine

Beth is a very successful, and well know Collie breeder, and I will forever be in her debt for that wonderful magic in the ring.
Amber, my sweety 9 years old, will now be my couch potato,
living out her golden years at my side.

Ch. Dalgarnoch Tarara of Amberlyn ROMC JHD TT

Tara at 11 and 1/2 years of age is still very active teaching
the Jr Handlers, loves the show ring, and is at every
training class putting the kids through their paces.
She lives with her human Maggie Pucci, and her daughter Hailey.

At 7 months of age, Tara already showed ..
The pudding was in the Pot....gorgeous...

Tara and her Multiple Group winning Champions

Buddy - BPIG Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike Up the Band - Ch. # 1
Kanyn - Ch. Dalgarnoch Nevada - Ch. # 2
Amber - Ch. Dalgarnoch Velvet Goldmine - Ch. # 5
Hailey - Ch. Dalgarnoch Strike A Pose - Ch. # 3
Empy - Ch. Dalgarnoch Emperor - Ch. # 4

A lovely family portrait
with Tara, Kanyn, Amber, Hailey and Empy.
Kanyn lives with Charlie Heward, and Empy lives with Melanie Parker

Three champions from one litter. Kanyn, Empy and Hailey.
Like 3 peas in a pod.

Melanie Parker, Empy, Kanyn, "Tara" and Hailey.

Melanie with Tara and Empy,
his owner, friend, trainer
and show partner.

A natural at herding....
after being on sheep only twice for 20 minutes,
Tara earned her JHD..!!! and she was just 17 months old.

Now me...that's another story....
I couldn't quite figure out how to get those sheep
to go where I wanted them to....
After the fact I found out "I" don't make them go anywhere
they follow you....away from the dog doing the herding......
I'm sure everyone outside the corral was having a hoot, because with my hearing being the way it was, I couldn't make out that Tanya was tell me just that...."Walk, Walk"...

And babies....she loves babies..... I wish I can find the other picture taken right after this, with Brooklyn a highchair, and Tara is helping herself to the sandwich in her hand...
One smart cookie "Baby = Food"

The stairs were her private gymnasium... well sort of private with Monty, Lexi and little Amber's bum sticking up. They just loved running up and down them while we were in Florida. This was taken April 2001, and she hasn't changed a bit.

Tara loves "swinging" in the rain.....well.... actually in the snow. We had a tarp over the kennel and during the night a heavy snowfall brought it down. She thought it was so cool..

Mom and her last champion Amber , celebrating with a cake for them and Beth.
Looking good for 2 Veterans, Tara 11 years and Amber 9.
You'll see them strutting their stuff at the
Thunder Bay Sheltie Clubs 1st Specialty in 2011

Cake was yummy.... Everyone at classes had a little piece

DOB Dec 14, 1998
Tara has always made me a true believer in our beloved Shelties.
She brought me full circle back to them after 10 years
of hiatus with the horses.
Here with her brother's D'arcy and Tyson,
she was from my first new litter, and
a real contender from the "Get Go"

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