Friday, April 9, 2010

We're 8 weeks old now ..!! Flynn and Dawne Babies

Whatcha doing big boy........!!





We looooove Agility........

Am I suppose to go through here, or there....???

What.....? I did it didn't I...?

Whooohooo last one through is it....

Where did everyone go...???

It's..... it's..... it's awful big in here......

Come on guys......catch me if you can...!!!!

We're Here...!!!!!! DOB April 8, 2010
BPIS Ch. Dalgarnoch Centre Stage x Dalgarnoch Delta Dawne

Dawne's wee girl having her first bottle. This is the best one I have ever used. It is made by Mead Johnson with a pre born nipple. Fits right into the mouth perfectly. She loves it.

Having her close to her brothers and sisters, and mom worked really well. No separation stress at all.

Once she got the hang of it, it was so easy...

Here we are just 12 hours old. Our mommy had us 5 days early and our people mom had to sleep in her chair for 3 days and night. Last year mommy had our cousins 6 days early. Pretty smart, doesn't wait to go through that boring last week.

Don't we look much nicer. We are 24 hrs. old.. almost.... 23 hrs.
Human mommy just loves our heads and underjaws...whatever that is... :)

Awe mommy is just so proud of us. She's never far away, even to take pictures.

Dawne our beautiful mom... looking kind of tired, but still sweet

And... our Macho Dad... Flynn the Man... I hear he makes babies to order... from 2 litters of 8 puppies, he sired 6 females with 4 of them bi's.. pretty cool huh.... "That's My Dad"..!!!

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